Quill Pen and Beginning Calligraphy

This post will be somewhat different from the others I have made to this point. All of the information is available elsewhere and from more experienced teachers. It will only serve as a bit of an update to one activity I have been spending my time on. I first got the writing bug from aContinue reading “Quill Pen and Beginning Calligraphy”

High Medieval Coin Purse

Before this project, I always carried coins in a small goat skin pouch suspended from my neck. I did not do any particular research on that pouch; it was small, hidden under my clothing and made with materials and techniques which were around in the high middle ages. This is not a best practice, butContinue reading “High Medieval Coin Purse”

High Medieval Turnshoes

Shoes in the middle ages is a massive subject. There are dozens of patterning types, great variety in decoration techniques and styles, and many different closures that were used across the centuries. I feel that this subject is one of the most underappreciated aspects of medieval reenactment. “For European leather shoes, a total of 17Continue reading “High Medieval Turnshoes”

Lessons Learned: Battle of Hattin 2017

I have been making and using reproductions of medieval for several years. This involves a continual process of iteration, failure, and improvement. One event I participated in which included several learning opportunities was The Battle of Hattin reenactment in 2017, hosted by Regnum Hierosolymitanum in Israel. This event took place on the location where theContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Battle of Hattin 2017”

Undergarments 2: Braes

The purpose of this project is to create an example of an undergarment for the lower body, called braes, which is reasonably appropriate in terms of patterning, cut, materials, and assembly techniques for the late twelfth century. There are numerous challenges in this effort, principally the fact that there are no surviving examples which IContinue reading “Undergarments 2: Braes”

High Middle Ages Shovel

One of my long term goals is to put together a selection of period or period-style tools. One of the simplest and easiest to make is a shovel. I needed to get the shovel together quickly, so this project was done with a less exacting standards of research and craftsmanship than usual. There is aContinue reading “High Middle Ages Shovel”


I am an independent researcher, history enthusiast, and reenacter located in the United States. I am most interested in the late 12th century Norman Sicily and Outremer. The primary purpose of this blog is to consolidate research and publish projects so anyone can view them. Crafts I currently practice are sewing, leatherworking, woodworking, painting, andContinue reading “Introduction”